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Patrick le Quément is one of the major players in the history of contemporary design. Trained in Great Britain, he got his start at Simca at the end of the 1960s before becoming an influential designer at Ford and Volkswagen, then transforming the image of Renault where he directed Design from 1988 to 2009. This book tells the story of a man's life, his personality, the various episodes of his career, but also the major changes in his profession that emerge over his own career. Through the career of Patrick le Quément we can read the development of design relaying style, the recognition of the role of the designer in the company. His example is shaping the transformation of a function that must marry management skills and foresight in creation. Patrick le Quément opens up, talks about his entourage, his admiration, his mistrust, his enthusiasm, his passion for the automobile. With the help of often unprecedented iconography, we discover how Renault has changed times, how this brand entered modernity through daring and relevant creations, many of which have become icons of European industry. In filigree the future of the automotive industry is outlined, its evolution to the rhythm of avatars and metamorphoses.

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